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Owner/Independent Contractor - TN License #8520

I am an Oak Ridge boy and grew up building and repairing everything — I learned it all from my dad. In fact, we have a running family joke that there is the way everyone else builds it and then there is "KUBAN engineering." We build to last.

After college, I spent nearly 10 years working for Young Life on property staff at Sharp Top Cove. Where I learned to build with skill and excellence. From large scale builds and renovations, creative design, unique building structures, to street & path light designs, all the way to small drywall patches, I did it all.

I moved back to Knoxville after getting married in 2013 and brought my love of building and design with me. I enjoy making a beautiful space for a family to come home to each day.

I’m proud of the work I do — offering top quality home improvement services that you can count on. Most importantly, I'm a husband and a father and know the importance of having someone you can trust in your home and around your family.

KM Design & Home Services is the name you can trust for all your home improvement, renovation, & design needs. Give me a call today to discuss your next project or dream idea.

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